Past HSC and Practise Questions for Area of Study: Belonging

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126 Responses to “Past HSC and Practise Questions for Area of Study: Belonging”

  1. Hi..

    Thanks so much for all those Q’s.

    I was wondering whether u can put up some things on the “creative writing section” of belonging…where we usually get a stimulus etc.

    any chances????


  2. Hi, I’m wondering if you can put up notes for the extension english course as well, thanks!

    • Which Extension English Module are you doing? I’ve only studied and tutored Module A: Genre – so I don’t have any resources on the others.


      • We’re doing Romanticism and the texts are Coleridge & Keats poetry and Northanger Abbey

      • Oh ok, that’s a new Genre elective. I’ve only done Revenge Tragedy (which is now gone) and Speculative Fiction (now called Science Fiction), so I don’t think I’d be much help – sorry!


      • If you have any resources on Module A: Crime Writing, they would hugely appreciated

  3. Hi, do you think it would be possible to put something up about the different possible text types we could be asked to write in and how to write in these forms. e.g. feature article, letter, speech etc.


    • Thanks for the suggestion – I may put something like that up in the future, but I won’t be able to do it before the upcoming HSC.


  4. Hi, thanks so much for all your articles, they’re very helpful. I was wondering if you could write an article on exam tips for the short answer section? Like what to look for in certain stimulus material (ie. if it’s a long article, how to skin through it quickly and look for specific things…I don’t know, I’m not explaining myself very well). Anyways, if you could do that within the next week, that would be great. Thanks!

    • Hi Shelley

      Sorry, but I’m unlikely to be able to get that done within a week, as I’ve got uni assignments at the moment.

      But to answer you quickly/shortly:
      – read the QUESTIONS first to figure out what you need to identify in the text (do you need to find techniques, ideas or purpose?).
      – PRACTISE identifying links to belonging and techniques on “practise” stimulus material. You can find some here:
      – the last question in the short answer section can usually be answered using your answers from the previous questions

      I strongly suggest #2 above, as it is the only way you’ll improve picking up techniques and skimming faster. It’ll also challenge you to think of ways that texts can convey ideas about belonging (some of the poems on that Inside Break website are pretty vague in terms of how they could relate to belonging…lol).

      Good luck,


  5. HI just wondered what the red ones meant?

    • The red ones are “official” questions – ie. actual Trial questions. The others are just examples in study guides, online, or used by school as assessments.


  6. hi just wondering when writing a practice belonging question like this

    “To what extent have your perceptions of belonging been influenced by the texts you’ve studied? In your answer, refer to your prescribed text and two other texts of your choosing.”

    it says its a personal response does that mean i write my essay in first person? thank

    • You don’t have to write it in 1st person. I personally wouldn’t because I feel weird writing in 1st person.

      You can write in 3rd person by starting along the lines of: “Belonging is usually perceived as simply concept or emotion. However, though studying ______, such perceptions have been challenged as the composers demonstrate that……..”

      So by saying “through studying”, it implies that it is your personal experience/response.


  7. How would you answer a question if it asks about ‘identity’ and you want to include that belonging is a complex concept and process?

  8. would you have any notes for Extension 1: Texts in Time – Navaigating the Global?

  9. my teacher said that in our assesment, with the 2 texts of the rabbit proof fence and 2-3 Emily dickinson’s poems, the question is going to be something like : “why should these 2 texts be chosen by the board of studies in their HSC website about belonging?” which basically requires us to talk about the relevance of the themes in these texts to our modern society. i just wanted to know, is there a specific maybe board of studies question like this which would help me alot in preparing my practice essay.

    • Sorry, I went through the BOS questions from 2001 to now and I can’t find anything like that question. But oddly enough I do remember doing a question VERY similar to that when I was at school…except that it was a letter to the Board of Studies. Anyway – sorry I can’t help!


  10. hey,
    i just wanted to ask a question about related texts when writing belonging essays. i have already chosen one related text for my AOS however our teacher has advised us to choose a second related text despite only being asked to write about ONE related text in last years hsc english exam. do you think they will ask for one or two related texts this time around? also, when choosing a related text, do you think it is better to choose texts with different mediums? that is; im studying a text which is poetry and my related text is a novel, so instead of choosing another novel do you think it would be better for me to choose like a film or picture book in order to show my depth of knowledge and versatility in analysing different text types to the markers?

    • Sorry I really don’t know whether they will ask for 1 or 2 related texts this year.
      But regarding different text types – yes, it is better to have all different text types. That way you can talk about a diversity of techniques. It’s not essential (like you won’t lose marks) and you won’t get extra marks just from having different text types (you can write brilliantly using the same text types), but it generally better for your essay.


  11. Hi, thanks for the notes and qs
    I am wondering whether you can put some qs for AoS, Belonging, Paper 1 section 1. Or can you suggest somewhere that I can practice for section 1 pls.

  12. hey
    given the variety of questions possible in the AOS of belonging, is it possible to write a generic, one essay fits all – essay??

    and what is the BEST essay question to write a generic essay on?

    • Yes, it is possible. And you can test the “adaptability” of your essay with the different questions. Then you’ll see what kind of questions will “throw” you etc. But a great starting point is one of the belonging/identity questions. This is because you can use a belonging/identity essay for a few of the other categories too – for example, the conformity ones (loss of identity), need to belong (to have an identity) etc.


  13. Hi

    Just a question 🙂
    If we were given the question “attitudes towards belonging change over time”, how would I answer this?

    Could I say how the persona in my text at first didn’t recognise the importance of cultural heritage as a part of one’s identity, thus had a bad understanding of belonging.

    then later the persona recognises the importance and thus his attitude changes about belonging

    would this be an appropiate way to answer to question?

    thank you in advance 🙂

    • Yes it would – but just be careful that you do not end up retelling. If you are using Skrzynecki – Feliks Skrzyecki, 10 Mary Street and St Patrick’s College would be goods poems to use.


  14. hey,

    was just wondering if you knew how many prescribed texts we can get asked to use. Last years HSC said at least one but can it be two or three? As the belonging AOS is new, I don’t know where to find this information. 🙂

    thanks in advance

    • Hi Ally, you only have ONE prescribed text. Do you mean related material? If so, you should have 2 ready, but yes – last year’s HSC actually said only talk about ONE, which I think might have thrown off some students. So make sure you know both your related texts well enough to talk about it in some detail.


  15. Hi,
    i was just wondering what i should to talk about in reguards to Letters to Alice (prescribed), as there is lots to say about Pride and Prejudice


  16. Thanks so much, great resource! You rock!

  17. tutor tales,

    I’ve been thinking about getting better supp texts for belonging. My core text is Romulus My Father and my original supplementary’s were Brick Lane (film, dir Sarah Gavron) and the short story Neighbours (Winton). I really think I should get other texts because those arent really the best but given the limited reading Ive done, i just don’t know which to pick and which are suitable for use with Rom.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks ;p

    • Hey Anne – sorry, but I haven’t studied Romulus My Father before, so I can’t advise you regarding that. But regarding the choice of related texts, try to pick texts which can help you to contrast/expand the ideas in your core text. Students who pick related texts which simply confirm the ideas of their core text may end up writing responses which are too simplified/shallow.


  18. Hi TT
    I have only just reviewed this entire site after one of my Year 12 students informed me how wonderful it was with all of the information and advice.
    I have to agree that your comments and feedback to students’ questions is very precise and helpful however, I was also quite bemused in that pretty much everything you have to say about the AOS and Advanced Modules is what I have already told my students.
    I notice that many students reply with gratitude that the information you’ve provided is a “revelation” for them – great feedback for you! Sadly (looking at post dates) in some cases this may be the case especially if they’re not listening in class to their own teacher!!!
    Just a note to all of the students who use your site……don’t forget that the information and assistance that your teacher has already provided ALL YEAR is not completely irrelevant and that believe it or not they probably already know most of this advice, they just need to REVISE it!!

    • Hi Leanne – thanks for your comment. I agree that many teachers have years of experience and access to resources, which would greatly help students. However, for whatever reason, they may not understand the significance of what their teacher is saying at that point in time, or they lose their handouts or practise essays – which is a great shame. The key for students perhaps is to be organised and ask teachers for assistance (whether it be for information, to review their essays with them etc).


  19. Thank you so much for your amazing website!
    I was just wondering, if it says ‘at least one related text’-is it better to use just one or do two?
    Thank you,

    • Because normally you would have prepared and practised with 2 related texts, then it would be better to do 2. However, it depends on the question. If the question is very specific and doesn’t fit at all with one of your texts, then definitely do only 1 related text. But you’ll need to discuss that related text in more detail then. So ensure that you know each related text thoroughly.


  20. Thanks heaps for your helpful website
    I wanted to ask about a particular point in the syllabus

    “In their responses and compositions students examine, question, and reflect and speculate on:

    •assumptions underlying various representations of the concept of belonging”

    What does this point mean? What is it asking us to do?

    Thank you in advance

    • Hi Isra – it’s just asking you to look at the assumptions about belonging, which are made in your texts. Don’t worry too much about it.


  21. Hi TT, thanks so much for the resources.

    With the question;

    “Belonging has been said to shape our identity. How does our sense of belonging shape who we are as individuals?”

    Would I be at a disadvantage if I answered it saying that “rather than belonging shaping our identity, it is our identity which allows us to attain a sense of belonging”?

    I hope that made sense, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks :).

    • Given that the question isn’t “To what extent is this statement true…” or “Discuss…” – you should really be discussing how belonging shapes identity (not the other way around). However, I suppose you could talk about how belonging and identity are interrelated in a circular way (belonging shapes identity which gives us belonging).


  22. Hi TT

    In regards to this question “Belonging to a group or community can provide opportunities and disappointments. To what extent do the texts you have studies support this idea?”

    I’ve actually found difficulty simply brainstorming opportunities and dissapointments especially within my text.
    My prescribed text is The Crucible, and one of my related materials that you may know is ‘The island – Armin Greder’.

    But yeah either this question is really specific or very broad?
    I’m just not sure how to go about it

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Lara, sorry I haven’t studied The Crucible for belonging and I’m not aware of your related text. However, the question is very broad – opportunities can encapsulate a lot and so can disappointments. Essentially, its just saying belonging is both positive and negative – do you agree? That should be fairly easy to answer once you read the question as that.


  23. Hey TT,

    I was just wondering if you had any past paper section 1 questions? I went to the link you provided in June and it isnt working. It would reallllly help.

    Thanks you so much in advance,


  24. Hi, and thanks for the practice questions, really appreciate it!

    Do you have any stimulus pieces for the creative section? I’d really appreciate it, because I want to see whether my prepared story is malleable enough to wholly suit a given stimulus/reference.

  25. heyy

    thanks for ur great site..
    its really helpful!!

    I was wondering if you would have a range of creative stimulus material for belonging/ where i would be able to find some.

    Also, could they specify a text type for our creative and if they did- such as a speech, what would be the best way to adapt the story- like the protagonist retelling the events or….

    and what kind of creatives do u think work best?

    thanks for all ur help 🙂

    • Sorry, I don’t have a list of creative stimulus material – but you should be able to compile some from various Trial papers or on the BOS website. They can definitely specify the text type for your creative. For a speech, it would depend on your story, but your protagonist would be easiest (particularly if your story is 1st person). But you could also choose a minor character and have they tell the protagonist’s story from the perspective of that minor character (that could be interesting). TT

  26. Hi Ms TT,

    I was looking at a past paper and for section II of paper 1 it asked “Use the graphic below to write a short story for a collection of writings about Belonging.”
    What on earth is a ‘collection of writings’? Are they all meant to be related? Also, how would you go about molding your short story to achieve this?

    Thanking you in advance =)

    • A collection of writings just means a collection of poems, articles, stories, plays etc all related by belonging. I wouldn’t be too worried about shaping your story to fit the collection – since you aren’t given any details about what the collection contains. It would be more important to use the graphic. TT

  27. Hello TT

    If you were to get a question like “To what extent have your perceptions of belonging been influenced….” or say “To what degree has studying ‘belonging’ augmented your understanding of yourself…”, are you able to use first-person?
    e.g. …. has shown me that to belong you do not always have to be in complete agreement. – Would something along those lines be appropriate? Should we just keep making comments like that in our body paragraphs to address such a question??

    Thank you very much

    • I know this wasn’t really an “open” question but my teacher has marked past hsc adv. eng papers and she said that if it says “your” understanding then you need a “personal voice” which /can/ be in the form of first person.

      Anyway, just leaving this here for you to take or not take into account 🙂

    • Also, to save you time TT has answered a similar question on the Hamlet page:

      …personally my approach is NOT to use the 1st person pronoun (I), because it is obvious that an essay (written by you) is your opinion. I would write in the tone of asserting an interpretation. For example, “Although Hamlet can be interpreted as [blah], it’s central concerns lie in its exploration of the significance of [blah]…” TT

  28. oops! i think i accidently posted in the Yeats section rather than belonging :S


    just a quick question…
    could they specify the text type of ur related…

    coz i hav a moviee, film and my core is as you like it (play), but they wont say use ur core, a novel and one other related text or sumthink like that?
    i really hope nott

    thanks in advancee

    • No problem – I’ve deleted the other comment, so it won’t confuse anyone. And no, they can’t specify the text type of your related texts. They can specify the number of related texts though. TT

  29. hello 🙂 I would like to say thankyou for your amazing site !
    anywho. Uhm, I just wanted to talk about my two related texts for belonging (AOS).
    One’s a visual cartoon and the other ones a film.
    & for the film, Do I have to put film techniques.. Is it neccessary ?
    If I don’t add film techniques do I lose mark?

  30. heya
    do you think theyll ask for 1 or 2 related texts this year? i prepared 2 so i they ask me one im scrwed
    also, is there a website for writing different text types that can be moulded from the essay?

  31. hey TT you accidentally skipped my question above

    please please please help

    Thanks a bunch

  32. Hi, thanks for all the practice questions! Just a quick question regarding structure,
    if we are asked to use two related texts, is it fine to set out the essay as
    Idea 1: Set text, Related 1
    Idea 2: Set text, Related 2?
    I find it very difficult to use all three texts for both my ideas, especially since we have 40 minutes. Would I be marked down for not dealing with all my texts “evenly”?

  33. Hi my friend just did her english paper 1 exam and for the creative writing section its asked for us to use one of the quotations as an opening statement for our imaginative piece of writing. But with the pressure of the exams she included the quote in the middle. Would she get heavily penalised even though her creative writing piece was really good and answered the question except without including the quotation as an opening statement?


    • I think it’ll matter less whether she included the quote at the beginning (as specified) or in the middle – and it’ll be more important whether the ideas within the quote were linked into the creative. However, it may create the impression that you friend simply “pasted” in her prepared essay and suddenly remember in the midst of writing it that there is a stimulus – and just chucked it in the middle. TT

  34. There’s nothing I can do about it now, but my teachers have always told us that if you’re asked to write about ONE related text, you must write about 3 Skrzynecki poems so that you always have a total of 4 texts (same principle would apply to Module C with Geoffrey Robertson, i.e. 3 chapters). Both questions asked for only ONE related, and so I wrote about 2 poems and one related, a paragraph on each, having completely forgotten about their advice – is that likely to carry a penalty, or is it just my teachers’ personal preference?

    Thanks 😀

  35. how do composers show that belonging can emerge from connections with people, places and communities? refer to three peter skryznecki poems
    what does this question mean? and what are the best related texts to choose from to also refer to ?

    • There are no “best” related texts per se, but you should try to find related texts which not only demonstrate similar ideas as in your core text, but also different ideas (or MORE ideas) about belonging.

      The question is asking HOW (techniques) the composers of the texts show that belonging comes from connections (relationships) with people, places and communities. For example, in Skrzynecki, how does he demonstrate that the persona’s belonging is established through his relationships with his family, his peers, 10 Mary Street, the Polish community, the Australian community etc.


  36. can you please give some notes on the science fiction genre study of english extension 1 both essay and creative writing???

  37. You spelt practice in the title wrongly.

  38. To what extent is an individual’s sense of belonging determined by external force?

    can you please interpret this for me?


    • The first step in approaching a question is to break down the key phrases/words. What do you think “external force” could mean? What is the difference between internal and external forces? Is your sense of belonging determined by you, or by others around you? When you come up with these sorts of questions, your answers form your thesis and your topic sentences. All the best, TT

  39. can they ever ask for 3 or more supp texts for area of study or modules?

    • Not likely, no. It’s hard enough talking about two related materials for AOS, let alone 3…or more.

    • that would be highly unlikely

    • Judging by the trend in questions from past years, it looks like they’ll ask for either 1 or 2 related texts. Although my teacher recommend making notes for 3 related texts, just in case one of them doesn’t work with the essay question. Also, the exam is only 40 minutes long. I think it would be unrealistic to expect students to write about 4 texts in-depth in such a short amount of time.

  40. Thanks for these (: What is the expected length/word count that our extended responses for AOS and adv essays for modules should be?

  41. I’m having my HSC this year (not long to go now!) and I find your site very helpful and informative. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.

    Also, sorry this is unrelated to the post, but I love the your minimalistic web design. 🙂

  42. I’m having trouble interpreting and understanding this question from a past paper:

    “The challenge to belong may be resisted or embraced.”

    This was what I wrote for the introduction in response:

    A sense of belonging emerges from having intimate connections with the world around us. Although such connections can be found from various institutions such as identity, place, culture and family, the challenges to belong encountered within these institutions are unique. This is illustrated in [TEXT1], [TEXT 2] and [TEXT 3]. The journeys of these protagonists depict resistance as well as the embracing of challenges to belong depending on an individuals preferred method of relating to the world.

    This was the topic sentence for TEXT 1:

    In TEXT 1, the challenge of finding self-identity is suggested to be required to cultivate a sense of belonging.

    Please tell me how I can improve. It sounds kind of juvenile. Even I don’t understand what I just wrote.

  43. Hey! Thanks for making this site!

  44. If we are writing a generic essay, what question should we base it on?!?! There are so many!!!!!! How do we write an essay so it can apply to ALL OF THESE?


    • Start with any of the questions above (probably best is one in the Identity category or Difficult/Duality of Belonging/Not Belonging). Then adapt that draft generic essay to all the other questions. By doing so, you “test” the strength/flexibility of your essay. TT

  45. Does anyone have a second related text such as a comic or picture that would be relatively quick to learn?

  46. Belonging GRC 2011

    “Despite an individual’s desire to belong to a group or community, this is not always possible.”
    How do the texts you have studied represent the consequences of belonging or not belonging?
    In your answer, refer closely to your prescribed text and to TWO other related texts of your own choosing.

    Belonging CSSA 2011

    The challenge to belong may be resisted or embraced.
    How is this explored in your prescribed text and ONE other related text of your own choosing?

  47. Hey Thanks a lot for the site 🙂
    Just wondering, me + my friends have been writing the essay with a text by text structure all of year 12 but I noticed you said never to do this.
    So, if I instead structure it into 2 main ideas, isn’t that like having 2 theses??

  48. Hello i was just wondering I have this music video called Earth Song-Michael Jackson and one of the past HSC markers at my school says that I cannot use that as I am an advanced student!! Please help.

    • HI Nicole. There’s no “rule” that you can’t use that as a related text, but it’s just a matter of whether that text really supports your arguments and demonstrates a sophisticated level of analysis on your part. Has that marker watched the music video? It really depends on how well you analyse the music video and are able to draw out sophisticated ideas from it. TT

  49. like christine, im having trouble with the trial question “The challenge to belong may be resisted or embraced.” as well…
    For someone who has already found a sense of belonging, how can this be a ‘challenge’ that can be ’embraced’ e.g. feliks in feliks skrzynecki
    Or for a migrant who has difficulty belonging because of others they can’t really resist or embrace this challenge can they??
    hope this makes sense

    • In the case of Feliks, he has a sense of belonging within the confines of their home/garden and within the Polish community. However, he resists the challenge of finding belonging amongst the wider Australian community, by not attempting to make a connection (eg. learn the language). TT

  50. so could you then say that the challenge to belong by migrants in migrant hostel is resisted due to australian authority (i.e. barriers of belonging)

    • No, the authorities are the challenge to belonging, which the migrant individual can either resist or embrace. The reason for resisting the challenge of belonging may be that the individual does not feel the need to attempt to belong to Australia; for example, they are content with being an outsider. TT

  51. I have a question please:

    1. “The human spirit craves a sense of belonging”. To what extent do the texts you have studied support this idea?

    2. ‘Connecting with others is the cornerstone of personal contentment.’ To what extent do you agree with this statement?

    For the first one, you’re allowed to discuss it (i.e. use one text for it and another text against it), but the second u must agree OR disagree (i.e. use all texts to support the notion or use all texts to support the opposite of the nottion)?

    • No, both questions are “To what extent”, so you can discuss both for and against. For example, in question two, you can use one text to say that you agree with the statement in these circumstances, but, as in your other text, you disagree with the statement in those circumstances. TT

  52. Sorry another question and it might have been asked before. My teacher said:
    –> if they ask for at least one related text, they recommended to do 3 Skryznecki poems and 1 related text.
    –> if they ask for one related text ONLY, my teachers said u should do 3 Skryznecki poems and 1 related text
    –> if they asked for two related text, we should do 2 poems and 2 related text.

    They stressed to get a band 6 you should do 4 texts in total. But if I am given the opportuninty to use 1 related text, is it still possible to get a band 6 if I do two poems and 1 related text thoroughly.

  53. Hey,
    just wanted to see if it is acceptable to use only two of peter skrzyneckis poems as your prescribed text or do you recommend the use of 3 poems?

  54. I would also like to know if we need to just do 3 poems if it asks for 1 related text! (Or if we just need to explore the one related in more detail) Please reply soon, as the paper is tomorrow!

    Thank you

  55. Considering that the poems are your prescribed text, to which you would devote at least half of the essay, you are probably better off doing three (that way you can cover a broad range of themes to demonstarte a complexity and sophistication of understanding). You don’t have to treat them all equally, as long as you have two in-depth the third can be a little more basic.

    Who are the “they” you’re talking about Bishoy? If it is prescribed by the Board of Studies syllabus that you must do at least 4 texts to be in contension for a band 6, then there isn’t a question. It is a requirement that is non-negotiable. If it’s your teachers and it isn’t stated in the syllabus then it’s not mandatory, but it is advisable. Your teachers, oddly enough, do know what they’re talking about. Provided they aren’t contradicting the syllabus dot-points; do what they say. They have had years of experience to observe how different responses go in the HSC, and some of them have even had marking experience.

    • Thanks Ejayne, I think you really answered the question asked by the previous 3 commenters. Given that the 2010 and 2009 HSC questions have asked specifically for only 1 related text, the best preparation is probably for 3 poems and 2 related texts, and then, depending on the question, choose which related text to use. TT

  56. Those questions look mind boggling. Here is to my perpetual descent to self destruction *shoots self*

  57. Hi,
    thank you so much for compiling all these questions, you are honestly a life saver; even the study guides you buy only give you a couple of past HSC questions.
    I was wondering if, as suggested in an earlier post, it may be possible for you to create a page of creative writing stimuli? pictures, quotes, statements, whatever tickles your fancy… would be unbelievably helpful. I have collected a few (which I would be happy to send to you) but I don’t feel I have much of a variety and I still haven’t got the hang of forming my story around the stimulus given.
    Thank you so much!

  58. Hi, TT do you have any predictions for the 2012 HSC belonging question?

  59. To what extent do different groups to which we belong define who we are you’re your answer refer to your prescribed text and two texts of your own choosing.

    This question is a bit off, the “you’re your” sounds like a typo. Maybe correct it for future viewers?

  60. Cheers mate f- love ya

  61. Hey tutortales,
    I quote
    “Oh ok, that’s a new Genre elective. I’ve only done Revenge Tragedy (which is now gone) and Speculative Fiction (now called Science Fiction), so I don’t think I’d be much help – sorry! ”

    hence, do you have a list of past hsc and practice questions for science fiction and it’s creative component. Cheers thx.
    Also to contribute to your amazing work, the 2012 cssa belonging Question was “Significant moments in time, shape an understanding of belonging”

  62. when I got this I shouted aloud with excitement~
    thk u sooooo much for ya looooong list 😛

  63. If they ask for at least TWO related text how many Skrzynecki poem’s do you suggest we write? 🙂

  64. Just want to say thanks for your amazing effort to put this together…it really helps! 🙂

  65. Howdy would you mind stating which blog platform you’re using? I’m going
    to start my own blog soon but I’m having a tough time selecting between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique.
    P.S My apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

  66. Will I need 2 related texts? I only have one prepared! HSC is in a week!

    • Yes, you should have 2 prepared. Try to write a practise paragraph for a short text that you can quickly analyse, such as a poem, short story or artwork. TT

  67. How would I approach the following question? What would I need to include in thesis?
    In engaging with a text, the responder may experience and understand possibilites presented by an exclusion from the world the text represents.
    To what extent does your study of the concept of Belonging resonate with this statement?
    In your response, make detailed reference to your prescribed text and at least ONE other related text of your own choosing.

  68. whats your prediction for the 2013 question?

  69. Hi! How likely do you think it would be for the BOS to revert back to asking for only one related text, rather than at least one?


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