We have moved…

Dear followers and newcomers to Tutor Tales,

Times have really come full circle. In a few months, the first of many students will be starting the ‘new’ 2015-2020 English syllabus featuring the Area of Study: Discovery and a few other changes.

To coincide with this, we will be moving Tutor Tales to:


Thank you to all the supporters of Tutor Tales so far. Since starting in April 2009, it has been almost 6 years that we’ve been running. We have 173 posts, 225 Facebook followers, 1.5million views and 1,635 comments to date and we hope this continues to grow.

This new website has all the existing material, including comments, and we’ll soon be putting up posts about Discovery and the new texts coming your way.

In the meantime, please check out the new website and update your bookmarks and links.

What about this old website on WordPress? We will be looking to close this down within a few weeks.


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